Thursday, August 19, 2010

Got together with some girlfriends the other week and we made a few cards, Experimenting I think. I love Rich Razzleberry! Not feminine and not masculine either, so could really would with both sexes.
I also love kindy Glitz easier than some of the other brands.
Not usually a flowery kind of person, but wanted to use this stamp set! Think it works, not too sure, something missing!!

My son is the best!!!! Well I think so

My son has been doing Fencing since the beginning of Term 3. He was in a Foil Competition on Tuesday Evening and came 4th in the Under 11's and got a gold medal and came 1st in the Under 9's
He loves it, he will now be having extra lesson on a Tuesday, and maybe one day we will see him at the Olympics He he
He is the one in the Yellow Shirt, the boy next to him is 11 years old!! he is fantastic though and also won Gold!
I am sure that I can do a funky card to celebrate the occasion!! Any Ideas

Monday, August 16, 2010

Its my Birthday

I have had a great day, and received a fantastic gift from one of my friends, very lucky!!
In it was chocolates, Vino, Nuts, Coffee, Hand Cream, awesome magazine.
Off to OZ in a few weeks so will use the money my hubby gave me to shop!!
Got some other great gifts,  like a beautiful Necklace & earrings, and a fantastic vase for my hall.

I am so lucky and have such great friends